Welcome to the website!

I am Nuekaze, or just Nue for short. I am a Virtual YouTuber that makes tutorials on Blender and VTubing. Something I plan on getting better at is to work with motion capture. I very much like to record motion that looks realistic and often research different methods of getting all kinds of motion into Blender and other tools.

I am always open to ideas on what kind of content I should make next. If you have any suggestions, feel free to reach out to me in the video comments or on Twitter/X. I have thought of making a Discord server before but I really don't like to be a server owner so it was scrapped. If it still is desiered please tell me.

This page is mostly a collection of links so feel free to look at my content on the other platforms linked at the top!

I make tutorials that can assist you with setting up solutions for VTubing or maybe fixing your avatar for VRChat. On YouTube you can see my videos and on my PeerTube site you can watch some behind-the-scenes content! There you also have some of my VODs from when I was streaming on Twitch.

VTubing on Linux resources

I have a big interest in Japanese anime, manga and games. Here I share some series that I enjoyed a lot, and maybe you will do too! I collect both manga and OST CDs as a hobby. While I can not read all my manga yet I am getting better at it!

Weeb corner

Apart from technology and entertainment I am also interested in fitness and training. My current goal is to complete a spartan race next spring. Here I will share my training schedule with you and maybe you will be motivated to work out as well. It is really fun!


I am currently reading New Game in japanese! If you wanna read it too, please use my link!

I finished the second volume and understanding the plot is getting easier! Looking up words that are repeated multiple times makes it easy to understand the context.


I use DLsite a lot so please use them for buying doujinshi!