Welcome to the training section. Here I will try post some of my workout routines and food advice. Just remember that I am no expert but this is what I do myself. If you think I got information wrong feel free to message me. This page is a work in progress at the moment.

Workout routine

I mainly focus on the gym and try to follow a simple schedule that is balanced with free time. It may surprise you but I used to work out in the gym for 90 minutes five days a week back in the days. Now I have a new schedule that is a bit more balanced. It is still five days a week but only 20 minute sessions! The idea is that I can do these workouts during lunch or in the evenings during an evening walk. You can do it if you walk past a gym on the way to work or on the way home. If your work has its own gym that is even better!

So to explain the sessions. They are made to be short and focus on one specific part of the body on each session. And if you complete all five sessions in one week you will have covered your entire body! Below I will post all the individual days and the exersices. I like to do day one on a Sunday and keep Friday and Saturday free.

Regarding reps I am a fan of 5x5 but you can do 4x8, 3x10 or something similar if it suits you more. Usually you want lower reps for exersices that cover more muscle groups at the same time.


What you need for the gym is a pair of flat shoes and a bottle for water. Thats it. Make sure the shoes are flat and no elevation. You want to stand as natural as you can on the floor. It should feel like being barefoot. I bought the cheapest Vans shoes I could find and still use them.

Day 1 - Chest and triceps

Dumbbell bench press


I preffer to do the dumbbell bench press because it is easier to focus on the chest than if you do it with a barbell. You can of course do barbell as well. For advice on how to do this exercise you can watch this video.

Dumbbell inclined bench press


This is a variation of the previous exersice that will target the upper part of the chest. It is explained in the same video as above how it is done.



I think dips are a very good exersice and it is easy to do. If you can not do complete dips there is usually a machine for assisted dips in the gym. You can adjust the machine weight until you can do complete dips without it. This video here explains how to do simple dips.

Day 2 - Legs part 1



Regular barbell squats. If you can, do not use the cushon that may be on the bar. I always do a few reps with just the bar to warm up and make sure it feels right.

Calf raises


This exersice I do in the smith machine. Usually you can find a steel bar that you can stand on. (I will make a picture on how to do this one.)

Day 3 - Back and core

Dumbbell rows


You can do this with barbell as well but I think it is nicer with dumbbell.

Lat pulldown


There are two version of this. You pull the bar in front of you or behind your head. I think the one behind your head is better but it is a bit uncomfortable to do.

If you can do pull-ups you can do that instead.

Sit-up routine


One sit-up routine rep is three sit-up reps. One forward, one angled left and one right. This is to cover the sides as well. To make it heavier you can add the legs into it as well.

Day 4 - Legs part 2



Deadlifts are one of the heaviest exersices you can do. Because of that I left it alone on this day. Take it slow and steady. You can lift a lot which is fun! Just remember to have good posture. This video explains very good what kind of form you should have. It is in swedish but look at his form. Feet pointing forward, lift with your legs and finish using the glutes. It is a lower body exercise and not a back exercise!

Day 5 - Shoulders and biceps

Barbell over head press


You can do this one with dumbbells as well but I preffer barbell on this one. There is variations on this where you either drop the bar in front or behind your head. Behind head targets the shoulders more I think. If you do front you may unconciously use the chest to push it up if you tilt your body back a bit.

Bicep curl


You can use dumbbells or ezbar for this one. I like both so it depends on the occasion.