VTubing on Linux

This page is a list of different programs and tools that can be used if you want do do VTubing on Linux. Most programs also works on Windows so they can be a good alternative if you want to use more Free Software.

Model tracking

The most fundamental thing for a VTuber is the model and its tracking.


VSeeFace is a Unity program and one of the most common trackers. While it is not able to run natively on Linux it can be run using Wine or Proton. A lot of features like built in tracking and LeapMotion support is not available and requires workarounds. Tracking can be done using standalone OpenSeeFace tracking, iPhone or Android tracking.

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Virtual Puppet Project

A model tracker written in Godot. Runs natively on Linux, Windows and MacOS. Has build in tracking using OpenSeeFace and can use external tracking with iPhone and Android.

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VTuber tracker for Blender

Blender plugin that tracks a model in Blender. Only support external tracking like OpenSeeFace, iPhone or Android.

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XR Animator

Web based tracker that can provide fullbody tracking. Supports webcam tracking only.

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Streaming and recording

This section contains different tools that can support in streaming and recording.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the most common streaming and recording software. It supports all platforms. When it comes to Linux, different distributions may pack different plugins. For example, Arch Linux does not have Browser source by default. However it can be aquired using AUR.



This section is about tools for video and photo editing.


A video editing suite that can acomplish most editing requirements. Support hardware rendering with both Nvidia and AMD GPUs. AMD only works with propriatary drivers properly installed.


DaVinci Resolve

A proprietary video editing suite that is a bit more industry standard compared to Kden. However being that it’s proprietary, it’s free version has limitations compared to the pay-for premium “studio version”. Only certain video codecs can be imported. As seen in documentation here: https://documents.blackmagicdesign.com/SupportNotes/DaVinci_Resolve_16_Supported_Codec_List.pdf

Easiest way to convert video to compatible format is to use ffmpeg or a gui frontend like Winff with this command (insert command here in the morning when I can access my desktop). Also note that davinci only works with Cuda capable Nvidia GPUs Running the proprietary nvidia driver. Although older versions may work with integrated intel graphics. Davinci offers a great deal of video effects and node-based effects in their “fusion” editor. It also has relatively fast video exporting compared to the likes of Adobe’s editors.



An image editor that can do most things that Adobe PhotoShop can do. UI may be unfriendly so installing the PhotoGIMP theme/preset can be recommended if you are familiar with PhotoShop.