Thank you for your interest! On this page I will recommend some series, music and games that I enjoy from the otaku scene. I hope you find it interesting! It is still a work in progress!

Anime, manga and light novels

I watch and read a lot of different genres, but it is mostly slice of life and fantasy. Mystery and puzzle series are also fun because I enjoy solving puzzles.

New Game

First off I want to share one of my favorite series. New Game is about a group of girls working in a gaming company. It has lots of fun moments and work relatable situations. This series is interesting because it is something different from the generic high school life genre.

The series has an anime adaption that is good. I recommend watching it. There is also a manga in the four panel format, that I am reading at the moment in japanese. I am probably at JLPT5 level and I understand most of it. With the help of a dictionary it is managable. If you are studying I recommend reading it.

I personally own this series in physical manga, but if you want to read it online I recommend to buy them on DLsite. I am affiliated with them so please use my link when buying.

Higurashi no naku koro ni

This is one of the mystery novels by 7th Expansion. It plays out in a fictional village that is based on the real village named Shirakawago. You will read a story multiple times, and each time something is different. The story follows a certain pattern and with some thinking you can try figure out the puzzle.

A friend of mine own this physical manga and I burrowed it from him long ago. It was a long but very exciting read. This series is available as a visual novel on Steam, manga and anime. I have not seen the anime adaption so I can not advice to watch it. Usually the adaptions miss out on important plot points in order to solve the puzzles. I read the manga but I heard the visual novel is the best way of experiencing it.

Umineko no naku koro ni

This is another mystery novel by 7th Expansion. It is a murder mystery taking place on an isolated island. People get murdured by an unknown entity. Some claims it is the golden witch Beatrice and some deny her. You read the story multiple times and the goal is to figure out the puzzles and solve the mystery.

I am currently reading the visual novel that I got from Steam. It also exists as a manga and anime. I have seen the anime adaption and it leaves out a lot of important plot parts. I can not recommend it unless you don't want to spend 70 hours reading the visual novel. The manga can be a good middle part if you preffer that. The anime does only cover half the series as well so you will not learn everything.

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

Way in the future humanity reached heaven. Then something happened and they got thrown back to earth. However earth was not a friendly place anymore and the only place where you could live was in Japan. To reach the heavens again you have to follow history up to that point. It is now the 1600s and the 30 year war and sengoku period is taking place. Different nations trying to survive on the small island of Japan while reinacting history again.

This is one of my favourite series. Very futuristic setting and cool designs. The series is a light novel but the first two arcs exists as anime adaptions. I recommend reading the light novel because there is just so much content that is skipped over in the anime adaption. I have found arcs up to the 6th to be translated

This anime has a good soundtrack that I have it on CD. There are playlists on YouTube where you can listen to it.


When it comes to games I enjoy rythm games and puzzle games. Some games are mobile games and some are for PC. For mobile games I use an iPad, which I think is the best way to enjoy them. I have a japanese Apple account and it is required for most japanese mobile games. The games are of course in japanese as well.

Idolm@ster Cinderella girls: Starlight stage

Starlight stage is a mobile gacha rythm game. You collect and manage your idols, and play a large selection of songs in a very fun and challanging rythm game. The game has been running for a long time and they have fun events very frequently.

This game is a very fun rythm game. One of the best for mobile I think. I personally don't care too much about collecting idols through gacha but you can if you want. It is qute expensive gacha if you want to spend money on it so I don't recommend you doing that.

Princess Connect Re:Dive

This is the only "auto-combat" gacha game I play. Just the scope of the game is enough to like it. There are a lot of characters. Something for everyone. The gacha is very cheap and you don't even have to spend any money to keep up with new banners.